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Post date: Monday, 2014, March 17 - 22:22

I was recently given the opportunity of being a translator for McLaren GT engineer Andrew Scott at Okayama Circuit for the testing of Mr. Takahashi’s MP4-12C. MoonCraft recruited me in replacement of another good friend of mine who usually help in such situations and I have to admit that I, as it was a first for me, was quite excited but also very stressed.

Post date: Tuesday, 2014, March 11 - 20:55

One of the best Z of Japan.

Post date: Monday, 2014, February 24 - 08:43

If you’re a classic cars lover there is one event you can’t miss; the Nostalgic 2 Days in Yokohama.

Many wonders to be seen there this year again so let's just take a look!

Post date: Sunday, 2014, February 2 - 10:34

Like every year, the HKS Premium Day is the first Rendez-vous for car enthusiasts in Japan.

No only because of the demo and race cars, but also because private owners can join the show and drive their car on the track.