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Post date: Sunday, 2014, November 2 - 18:38

Following a Super GT team on their journey from Japan to Thailand was really an exciting experience. It was amazing to witness these professionals doing their job so normally, accomplishing each and every task in the paddock and on the car.

Post date: Monday, 2014, September 29 - 10:13

As every year, the big stance enthusiasts crowd gathered at the Fuji Speedway for their annual event.

Post date: Tuesday, 2014, September 23 - 20:59

The Kyusha movement has grown bigger these past years, both on the "race cars" and the perfect restoration sides, the old ladies are everywhere and it's a pretty awesome thing!

Post date: Monday, 2014, March 17 - 22:22

I was recently given the opportunity of being a translator for McLaren GT engineer Andrew Scott at Okayama Circuit for the testing of Mr. Takahashi’s MP4-12C. MoonCraft recruited me in replacement of another good friend of mine who usually help in such situations and I have to admit that I, as it was a first for me, was quite excited but also very stressed.